Friday, April 7, 2017

April 09-15 2017

National Animal Control Officer Appreciation Week

Do you know your local Animal Control Officers (ACOs)? 

Well this is the opportunity to introduce yourself, shake some hands, and offer a smile to people who are very important to the health and safety of the pets and people in your community. 

Here are some great reasons to say THANKS to your local Animal Control Officer!
As public safety officers, ACOs deal with dangerous situations on a regular basis to protect your community.

Rabies is under control in the United States because of Animal Control.  ACOs enforce the laws and statutes which protect people and animals from rabies and other life-threatening diseases.

ACOs help all kinds of animals in all kinds of trouble – those who are lost, sick, injured, starved, and abused.

ACOs also care for – and adopt out -- homeless pets who need shelter and new families.

ACOs provide information to residents about wildlife and domestic animals.  

In any given week (or in a single day), an ACO may rescue a cat trapped in a wall, catch an injured raccoon and deliver it to a wildlife rehabilitator, relocate a native snake found in the wrong place, help a lost dog find his people (and vice versa), adopt a homeless cat to her new family, and testify in court against an abusive or neglectful pet owner.

ACOs are happy to speak at public venues, schools, etc about the importance of adopting animals from shelters vs patronizing puppy mill-supplied pet stores.

ACOs participate in and coordinate TNR programs within contracted towns and educate residents how to be an optimal part of the program to ensure cat populations do not grow exponentially.  

Next time you see one of your local Animal Control Officers, make sure to thank them for a job well done! 

April 09-15 2017

National Animal Control Officer Appreciation Week