Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Come visit us during our St. Catrick's Day adoption event! March 17th thru March 27th.

Are you 'feline lonely'?
Well, we have JUST what you need!! 

It's our St. CATrick's Day adoption event! 

Beginning this Friday, March 17th, our adoption fee for all adult* cats will be just $17.
This fee includes spay / neuter, all required vaccines AND microchipping.
This promotion will run from March 17th to March 27th, 2017.
We are open for adoptions everyday from noon to 4 p.m.
* Promotion valid for cats one year of age or older.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

We wanted to share our statistics for 2016!

We wanted to share our statistics for 2016!! 

We're thrilled to report our live release rate for dogs is 98% and cats 91%

There were no animals euthanized for behavioral issues or space. 

Any animal euthanized was due to illness. 

This is particularly relevant to our cat numbers. Many cats/ kittens are coming in off the street with serious illness like distemper.

Wildlife continues to suffer with humans encroaching on living space. Please know all euthanasias are decided by and preformed by either the shelter veterinarian or the veterinarians at Antler Ridge or Raptor Trust.

CATS  2016
Adopted 243
Clinic - TNR'd 79  (Trap, Neuter, Return)
RTO 9  (Return to Owner)
Transfer / Rescue - NJ 11
Transfer / Rescue - Other
Other 1
Died 10
Euthanized 23
DOA 38
Total Cat Outcomes (nic DOAs) 376

DOGS 2016

Adopted 163
RTO 77   (return to Owner)
Transfer / Rescue NJ 29
Transfer / Rescue - Other
Died 3
Euthanized 3
Total Dog Outcomes (nic DOAs) 275

Other Domestic
Adopted 2
Transfer / Rescue - NJ 2
Transfer / Rescue - Other
Total Other Domestic (nic DOAs) 4

Other - Wildlife
Transfer / Rescue 55
Wildlife Release 58
Died 16
Euthanized 56
DOA 80
Total Wildlife (nic DOAs) 185

Total Outcomes 838
Live Release - CATS 91%
Live Release - DOGS 98%
Live Release - Other Domestic 100%
Live Release - Wildlife 61%
Live Release - All Domestic 94%

Total Live Release 87%

Check out the great comments from local residents about our stats on our Facebook page!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017