Monday, October 13, 2014

Guinness and Teddy Go to Their Forever Families!

Guinness – formerly Oreo – went to his forever home in Jersey City last week with his new BFFs, Brian and Emily. The couple fell in love with Guinness from the moment they saw him and he took and immediate shine to them. A perfect match!

Guinness was brought to the Nutley Police Department together with another dog, Teddy. The two were surrendered by their owner, a soldier being deployed overseas. Teddy went home with his new BFF Patricia and her family last weekend!

A happy ending for two wonderful and loving dogs.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Courtney Finds a Family!

Courtney has a truly remarkable story to tell. She came to the Montclair Animal Shelter as a six-month-old puppy -- not even fully grown. She was a stray who had to fend for herself and had numerous bites from other animals which, by state law, meant she had to be quarantined for six months.

This truly stoic and resilient litle dog sat bravely while Shelter workers nursed her many wounds. Courtney may have scars on her body, but not her spirit.

While in quarantine Courtney would play fetch with staff members learned basic commands very quickly. During her confinement she could see only a few people, but she remained happy and loving.
When she came out of quarantine, Courtney required some training to walk on a lead. She is very fast and strong and had a high drive to chase after other animals.

Courtney loves people and kids. When she was taken outside, she discovered a whole new world and way of existence. Shelter volunteers would walk with her and sit on benches so she could watch the world around her then walk over to someone for a cuddle and kiss. She quickly became a favorite among the volunteers.

When in the Shelter, Courtney would always sit quietly in her kennel waiting for just the right family for her.

And she found one! This incredible wonder dog left the Shelter last week to live with her family in her forever home. Shelter staff and volunteers always knew someone would be smitten by such a humble and loyal sweetheart of a dog.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Brother and Sister Pitties Find their Forever Home Together

Tiger (now Tony), a friendly pittie at the Montclair Animal Shleter, went home with his sister Tina and their new parents. The pitties' parents adopted Tina several weeks ago after meeting her at a Shelter's Farmers' Market adoption event organized by Shelter volunteer Nancy Willis. They returned for Tony last weekend.

The couple took Tina home first to make sure she was housebroken before adopting another dog.

"It’s a challenge getting just one dog adjusted, two happy and energetic pitties would be more than a handful," said willis.
The adoptive parents came back a few weeks later to spend time with Tony and took him home too!

"A single dog being adopted from the Shelter is reason to celebrate," said Willis. "Keeping sibling dogs together with one family is fantastic beyond words."

Tina and Tony’s parents live in New Jersey and they have a summer home on Lake Champlain so Tony and Tina will be boating with them in the summers and swimming in the lake.