Thursday, July 24, 2014

FIV Myths Debunked – Part II

Don't believe everything you hear about feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) continued

Myth #4: Cats who have the virus inevitably develop the disease and die from it.

Fact: 90% of cats who actually have FIV will lead completely normal lives and die from the same causes that any other cat might die from.

Myth #5: FIV+ cats will lead short, miserable lives.

Fact: FIV+ cats can and DI live long, healthy lives, if given a chance. Most live as long as their indoor counter-arts and much longer than outdoor cats. Many live well into old age without symptoms.

Myth #6: The FIV virus is a serious threat to other animals because it can be transmitted by casual contact.

Fact: Modern medical research, as well as mounting empirical evidence indicates that transmission requires serious physical interaction.

“Deep bite wounds are, by far, the primary mode of the virus’ transmission.” – Julie Levy, DVM, PhD, DaCVIM Director, Maddies’ Shelter Medicine Program.

Fact: The virus can only live a few seconds outside the body, so sharing food and water bowls is not an issue.

FIV+ cats in multiple cat homes do not appear to spread the disease, as long as all parties are not combative. FIV Cat Rescue in Fort Bragg, CA has had a group of 16 mixed cats (FIV positive and negative) living together for 6 years. No FIV- cat has ever become FIV+.

Source: FIV Cat Rescue, Fort Bragg, CA. Website: